Treat Yourself – It’s Christmas

You may be busy thinking of what to buy family and friends for Christmas.

Well, why not treat yourself, too?

And if you want something to help you become better at copywriting one of the simplest gifts to consider is a book.

But don’t just buy a “How To…” book.

If you want to be successful you should learn from people who have already been successful.

On the topic of copywriting, anything by Bob Bly or Drayton Bird will be of high value to you. Bags of practical advice based on years at the top of their game.

You might also want to look at books on marketing (but be selective).

Best of all, pick ONE of the Top 100 Novels of ALL Time. Choose the one you’ve always been meaning to read but, for whatever reason, never got round reading.

If you’re not into a classic…

Just select an author you know instead. Or a genre you like.

It could be a love story. A thriller. A crime novel. Science fiction. Fantasy fiction. A romance. A drama. A humorous story.

You choose.

The important thing is to pick something and READ it.

Read the story. Become engrossed in the story. Be enchanted by it, thrilled by it, scared by it, amused by it, overwhelmed by it…

Because STORY and storytelling are one of the keys to great copywriting and magical marketing.

Don’t believe me?

Just watch the latest TV ads and see how many are using STORY to sell the brand.

Go on, treat yourself.



Learn something new.

P.S. Do you have a favourite book on copywriting or marketing?

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