What Griff Rhys Jones Can Teach You About Marketing

Picture Courtesy of Luis Quintero

If you are of a certain age you may remember a TV comedy show around the turn into the 1980s called Not the Nine O’Clock News.

A collection of hilarious satirical sketches, songs and spoofery.

It was my introduction to the brilliant Rowan Atkinson, the wickedly funny Pamela Stephenson, the highly talented Mel Smith and the comic wit of Griff Rhys Jones,

I couldn’t get enough of the show. It was compulsory viewing during its short run (in the days when streaming and iPlayer were probably not even in a mind’s eye).

So it was lovely to drop in on a live touring show being done by 100 per cent Welshman (as proved –  not that it needed proving – by the TV family history show Who Do You Think You Are?) Griff Rhys Jones.

He did this thing at the start of the gig where he wandered among the audience – largely to find the younger members so he could post on Instagram and ‘prove to my agent’ that he was appealing to a newer following.

He was on stage, disregarding a short interval break, for two hours.

No jokes. No gags. No sketches.

He just told stories.

Funny. Entertaining. Everyday stuff.

Like the best marketers, he understood his audience. The crowd was overwhelmingly made up of adults in the 50-plus age range.

He even joked about the amount of grey hair in the crowd (he himself, at nearly 66, has a fine head of silvery hair – as I noticed when he stood right by my seat).

All the stories he told would make anyone laugh. But they were all geared towards the middle-aged and the pensioners.

Griff understood his audience and he knew these tales would resonate with his punters. They weren’t just laughing with him, they were nodding their heads in agreement with his view on life.

He uses Instagram a lot. And even that was a source of merriment.

He bemoaned the fact his family dog – which has its own Insta account – gets more followers than him!

(Don’t we all just know that was always going to be the case? Dogs, cats and funny animals are the new celebrities of Social Media)

He also shared some lovely photos from his life and career.

The biggest chuckle for me was a shot of a giant yellow road gritter… which a local council had asked to name after the comedian and presenter.

The name on the side of the machine?

Grit Rhys Jones.

Love it.

Remember to leave room for laughter and smiles each week. It makes the world a brighter place.


P.S. Grit, sorry,…Griff clearly understands the importance of knowing his audience and serving stories (or messages) which resonate with his tribe, his people.

Market. Message. Medium.

All through the power of story.

If you want a little help with getting that right for your business, I am ready to do the gig with you. You know you only have to just ask.

It could improve your results – and be fun, too.

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