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Critique is a proven way to get better results from your marketing.

Have a strategist, premium copywriter and Direct Response specialist carry out a website review. Examine your email marketing. Give feedback on your sales letter writing. Cast an expert eye over any other aspect of your marketing.

Weak, ineffective copy and poor strategies could be costing your business thousands, even tens or hundreds of thousands. In lost leads. In lost conversions. In lost sales. Perhaps without you even knowing.

Critique is designed to prevent that happening to you. Critique is driven by improving your results…

Which simply means:

  • More powerful strategies
  • Increased traffic
  • More Social Media ad clicks
  • Better response rates
  • Increased opt-ins
  • Loads more sign-ups

More leads

  • More powerful sales messages
  • Higher conversions
  • More sales
  • Better Follow-up conversations

More sales

  • More upsells
  • More downsells
  • More sales
  • Better referrals
  • More effective affiliate programs
  • More sales
  • Increased revenue

Greater profits

To say Critique works is easy. To say how much it can help is more tricky.

Maybe just consider this.

How would it be if Critique could add just five per cent more to your business? How about 10%? Twenty? Fifty?

Or even more?

What would that be worth to you?

Maybe an extra £10,000?




Maybe more?

Critique applies an advanced scientifically-proven method to marketing.

Prices and services are bespoke. Just ask.

Critique can be delivered in two ways – copy critique and coaching.

Either way, it’s as individual as you are.

Here’s the way it works…

Part #1 – Copy Critique…

Is a critical eye to look over your positioning and messages.

Getting it wrong can cost you time and money.

You may have marketing in place – but it’s not doing as well as it should.

You may have marketing up and running – but no idea if it’s working well.

You may have marketing you’re about to put together – and you’d welcome a second opinion from someone who knows.

Let me show you what Critique can do.

Consider the headline on a sales letter or sales page. It’s 80-90 per cent responsible for the success of your message getting read.

For example, you might be a property coach helping others to learn about making money from buying and selling houses. You want people to attend your seminar.

You could write the headline this way:

“How To Make A Good Living From Property Investment”

Or get a critique to make it more interesting and compelling…

“How a 31-Year-Old ‘Jobbing’ Musician Went From Near Financial Ruin To Building A Rock-Solid Profitable Property Portfolio…

… Going From LOSING £2,152 A Month To EARNING £5,219 Each And Every Month (Starting Out With No Business Experience)”

Critique can help in many ways.

It could be a website review.

It might be a read through your sales letters.

It may mean a check on how emails are being written, set up and sent.

Let me show you another example.

Before you write an email you should ask yourself a question.

How will your readers read your email?

If the answer is “on a smartphone” you will need a different approach to the one you’d use if it’s “on a desktop”.

Let’s say you run a fitness company and were offering a free report and inviting people to sign up to your mailing list.

A thank you email might go out to your new prospect Peter like this:

“Hi Peter

Thanks for signing up to get my free report “How To Get A Six Pack in 90 Days”. That’s fantastic. You’re going to learn so much from me. I’m going to show you how to get into a routine, start slow, build up steady, work that weight off and get your body into great shape. It’s going to be awesome. More stuff coming your way soon.”

Here’s the critique.

This has great energy but on a smartphone it will just look like a long block of text. It makes it harder for the reader to digest. They might just give up before they’ve started.

So to make the email work better for smartphone. You could try this…

“Hi Peter

Hey, you joined The Six Pack Club.

Thanks. It means a lot to me.

I got into this fitness thing because I was seriously overweight and hated how my body was.

Now look at me!

I hope this free report “How To Get A Six Pack in 90 Days” will inspire you.

Maybe once you’ve read it you’ll let me know.

And now you’re a member of the club I’ll make sure to send you more simple ways to get in shape.

To read the report simply click the link below

Here’s to that Six Pack


See the difference?

Short paragraphs make it easier to read messages on a smartphone.

They also work really well on any other mobile device. The same goes for print.

So, there you have it.

Critique can help with any part of your marketing.

Some improvements may make a bit of a difference. Others can deliver BIG results.

For example, other entrepreneurs have discovered:

  • Making landing pages fully mobile responsive could cut sales by up to 83 per cent
  • Placing ONE thing underneath a video can DOUBLE the conversion rate
  • Changing the way a shipping, postage and packing offer is presented could increase buyer numbers by 55 per cent
  • A 34 per cent dip in sales may be caused by a headline missing ONE vital piece
    How adding just TWO simple words can increase sign ups by 28 per cent
  • The timing of an upsell can be critical – getting it right could increase response rates by more than 171 per cent

These numbers are genuine and are here simply as examples. They’re not guaranteed because every business is different.

One thing is for sure.

Critique can help you find the missing money in your business.

Just ask.

Part #2 – Coaching…

This is for people responsible for their business marketing who want to know how to create good copy, really good copy.

Words with impact. Words that sell. Words strategically used to deliver the best results.

Prices, sessions and programs are all bespoke. Simply ask.

You may want to learn the skills of copywriting. The techniques and tools of the trade. You might already know a fair bit and want to become more advanced.

This is where premium coaching helps.

It goes way beyond the simple AIDA model – Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. Or tired old formulas. This is for people serious about their marketing.

It may not suit everyone.

It may teach you stuff different to what you learnt in marketing school, picked up online or heard from the latest guru of the month.

It’s copywriting based on a scientifically-tested approach and advanced methodology.

Tailored to fit what you need now and what you may need later.

Copywriting training with a difference. Not a bland copywriting course. Not a  “here it is, we’ll leave you to work it out for yourself” online copywriting training. This is more personalised and flexible support.

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