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“Read These 7 Reasons Why Marketing And Advertising Fails… And Pray Your Business is NOT On The List”

Meet the Magnificent Seven.

Seven of the best reasons why your marketing and advertising may NOT be working today. See if you recognise any of them in how you’re doing things right now.

1. Single Shot Marketing: Try a new advert or sales letter and hope it works (not knowing if it’s worked or what to send next)

2. Have A Go Hero Marketing: Write your own marketing and advertising because DIY is the cheap option. Or so you believe.

3. Cash Machine Marketing: Chuck money at it. Keep chucking money at it. The more you spend the better your chance of success, right?

4. Magpie Marketing: – Focus on getting shiny new clients because that’s what everyone says to do. Lots of new offers to distract but no follow-up.

5. Back of The Envelope Marketing: Marketing with no planning or little planning. It will all work out somehow, won’t it?

6. Ostrich Marketing: Marketing and advertising activity without asking for expert help. When trouble arises the head just dives straight into the sand.

7. Social Media Mania Marketing: Spend hours and hours and endless cash on this because “everyone is doing it”. No other reason.

Anything sound familiar? Trust me. Any one of the above could spell trouble for your business. And we could add a reason number EIGHT. The maddest reason of all…

8. Man On The Moon Marketing: Doing marketing and not knowing if it’s even working for you.

Is time to blame? Too busy to bother? Too busy with everything else in your business? Too busy to know how to check what’s succeeding and what’s failing? Time to start putting things right.

  • It’s time to talk.

Time to bring in a direct marketing consultant to get things back on track and deliver the results your marketing should be creating.

It’s a sensible step, if you think about it. If your car wasn’t running very well or not working at all you would not hesitate to take it to the garage. You’d ask the expert – the mechanic – to fix it. Why should you treat your business any different?

Bring your business in to be checked out by a direct marketing consultant.

Let me lift up the bonnet. Take a look at your campaigns, your strategy, your tactics. See what’s working, what could do with a fine-tune and what needs fixed. It doesn’t have to be big repair job. Sometimes one word, one sentence, one headline, one photo or one offer can have things running with Rolls Royce precision again.

Getting started to work with me as your direct marketing consultant is easy.

There are just THREE steps:

  • We have a chat
  • We talk and decide precisely what your business needs
  • We work out a price we’re both happy with

Pricing is all bespoke. I can work with you per hour, per day or longer term should you wish.

The marketing “mechanic” is waiting.

See what a direct marketing consultant can do for your business.

Just ask.

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    Gary Spinks - Strategic Copywriter

    “If you accept every business needs to do marketing then it’s also true to say every business needs copywriting. Trying to do it yourself is a bit like having a drivers licence and thinking you could just jump into a Formula 1 racing car and drive it safely round the track at over 200mph (320km/h). Getting it wrong could end in disaster. It’s no different with marketing or copywriting. Why would you take the risk when you can put it all in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing?”

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