Fishing – A Tale for Better Marketing

Fishing can be used as a wonderful metaphor for so many things.

Let’s apply it to marketing and your business.

Prospects, clients and customers have questions about you. And you have questions about them.

The fishing man has all the answers for his ‘business’.

Who are you?

I am a fisherman.

What do you do?

I fish.

Who is your audience?


Where do they hang out?

In the sea.

How will you catch their attention – and capture them?

With bait. And a hook.

What if you catch fish you do not want to keep or eat?

I will throw them back.

What will you do with the fish you land?

Make a trade.

The fishing man knows his story.

The fishing man knows his purpose.

The fishing man knows his audience and where to find them.

How clear is your story?

How well do you know your audience?

How strong is your message?

If you are unsure or want to land a better catch – it’s time to go fishing for some answers.

If you want some help with your story, message or value proposition, help is at hand.

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