Not the Sound of Music!

It’s that time of the year (in the UK, at least) when you KNOW what films are going to be showing on your TV screen.

The classic Christmas and New Year movies wheeled out for another year…

The Sound of Music

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Mary Poppins

Various “Santa” movies (pick at least three from)…

A Christmas Carol


Miracle on 34th Street

Santa Claus: The Movie

And more recent hits…

Toy Story (1, 2 or 3)

101 Dalmatians

Nanny McPhee


Various “men”…

X-Men, Superman, Iron Man, Batman, etc

And at least THREE…

James Bond movies

And the truth is

There’s no harm in having this festive film barrage.

Because the movies can teach you a thing or two about the art of writing great copy:

1. Films tell a STORY

2. Films (usually) have a BIG intro, keep you hooked (long enough to stop you falling asleep or walking out, anyway) and have a powerful ending

3. Films (especially if they are a Hollywood blockbuster) get promoted and marketed WAY BEFORE they are actually out. The movie marketing guys generate interest, create curiosity and attract demand. Ever booked a cinema ticket in advance?

4. Films tap into all the senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell (what, you never had popcorn in row F before?)

5. Films (and this is THE big one!)… tug at your EMOTIONS

And that’s the key to grabbing the audience’s attention, keeping people gripped so they stay with the action, and having them laugh, cry, shriek, or push them to the limit.

  • How many in your cinema screening of Schindler’s List became so deeply upset that they HAD to leave?… (it was SIX people in mine).
  • Can you honestly (hand on heart) say you did not cry or hold back the tears when E.T. said goodbye to Elliott?
  • Is there not a movie where you’ve wished they changed to a different (usually happier) ending?

That’s the screenwriter, director, actors, lighting, sound and whole movie crew doing their best to get right INSIDE your emotions.

Think of your favourite or most memorable movies.

I bet the reason they’re at the top of your list is down to the EMOTIONS these films made you feel.

Can you use that in your marketing copy – your website, your landing pages, your emails, your direct sales letters, your leaflets, your videos?


So, get writing, get directing and have a play with tugging at the prospects’ and buyers’ heartstrings.

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