Happy New Copy Year!

Welcome to 2015!

Another year over and a new 12 months to look forward to.

If you’re in business, remember you are (first and foremost) a marketer.

You might have fantastic products and services.

But if nobody knows about them, how can they buy from you?

And if other companies are offering a similar product or service…

How will you make sure that YOURS stands out?

The answer is through marketing.

Marketing needs words.

Whether it’s your website, landing page, squeeze page, emails, auto responders, videos, webinars, DVD’s, E-book, report, book, audio CD, leaflet, brochure, poster or postcard…

You’ll need some words.

That’s called COPY.

You could choose to have a go at writing yourself and hope you know what you’re doing.

You could decide to write copy and then get a second opinion from an expert.

You COULD leave it in the hands of a professional copywriter.

Because when you think of the numbers…

If you spend nothing and make nothing – your return is NOTHING.

If you spend a little and make a little – your return is A LITTLE.

If you spend a lot and make a little – that’s actually a LOSS!


If you invest a modest amount wisely – your return could be VERY BIG.

It’s YOUR year.

It’s YOUR choice.

How do you want YOUR 2015 to finish?

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