Kate Bush on a Sound Track?

Kate Bush…

Kate Bush rail poster

Wow!… this is clearly not the Whole Story.

So what’s going on here?

This is an old poster advertisement for British Rail… and the Family Railcard.

It would have appeared during a time when the singer and songwriter was well known to the general public.

Does the advert work?

Well, yes and no.

The headline has plenty of the curiosity factor…

… it will appeal to Kate Bush fans. It has people wondering why there’s a picture of a girl who clearly does not look like the singer. It hints at a great value offer… something for a pound.

It’s enough to get most people to read the next bit.

The ‘twist’ is revealed as the girl being called Kate Bush (the same name as the quirky singer but not THE singer, obviously). We can only assume that really is her name. Katherine. Abbreviated to Kate.

I’m not sure the connection between Kate Bush and rail travel is a strong one. It’s not something I associate with her.

Perhaps this was one of a series of poster ads where the advertising people thought it would be ‘clever’ to use real people who share the name of a famous person.

What is stronger is the offer. The ability to go anywhere on the train for just a pound each – thanks to the Family Railcard.

Plus savings on adult rail fares, too. Savings of at least 25 per cent on each journey.

All thanks to an annual card which costs just £20.

People can work out the savings in their head. Especially if they are regular travellers.

It’s a cute image. A strong offer.

The poster has appeal to children and parents.

I’m just not sure how effective it is at driving people to take up the call to action – to pick up a leaflet or visit their nearest Rail Appointed Travel Agent.

Wuthering Heights, yes. Dizzying heights of advertising? I’m not so sure.

How could you take the idea and use it in your business?

How would you improve the poster?

How would this poster be presented today? What would be different about it?

I’ll leave you to ponder.


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