Interest rates mean little

You may have done this too.

Wandered through the High Street of a town or city and come across a shop that’s a little bit “different”.

You venture inside and observe people browsing and looking with interest.

Then you see them walk out – having bought nothing.

It’s a problem small boutique and specialty shops can face.

People love looking at all the lovely things.

But the need, want or curiosity is not strong enough to make someone take their wallet or purse out and buy.

The fact is.

“Interest” rates mean little.

Conversion rates are king.

Converting a lead into a prospect.

Converting a prospect into a paying customer or client.

Converting paying customers into loyal customers and raving fans.

Achieving success in the above can require several approaches and methods of communication.

A company which runs events was doing quite well with ticket sales.

When it combined a “register your interest” process with follow-up calls by a sales team it discovered something very rewarding.

Ticket sales pretty much doubled.

It’s sorted the sales side.

It’s not resting on its laurels.

It’s now looking at how to increase show rates.

That effort to analyse, adapt, improve and keep raising your game is a path to sustained success.

Yes, you want people to be interested.

But unless enough people buy you don’t have a business.

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