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Have you ever gone to the cinema and watched a movie where you had NOT seen any of the trailers, NOT read about the film or NOT scanned a few reviews in newspapers, magazines or online before you went?

If you haven’t try it.

It can make for a surprising and super pleasing experience.

I say this because I was at a business event in London and on the final day, a Sunday, there was a speaker of whom I’d heard very little and certainly never seen on stage before.

I wasn’t sure what to expect.

But when the guy began to talk…

The audience was hooked. From start to finish, for more than an hour, they were mesmerised.

It ended with a standing ovation.

Imagine that. Being in a conference room. About 5.30pm on a Sunday.

And the whole room a-buzz.

The presentation delivered three key messages about how to have ideas.

1. Twist or update something that already exists

2. Challenge a rule

3. Take an idea from another business

Yes, the talk was entertaining and full of humour (including some wonderfully corny puns and crazy products).

Yes, the guy had a distinctive style.

But the talk was also offering highly practical advice.

Here was someone who didn’t just have lots of ideas. He turned them into something. Typically, novelty products (like Martin Loofah King or your very own personal sound machine).

Lots of people have ideas.

Few turn that into something tangible.

This guy has made it his business and his life.

I’m sure he’s not going to be everybody’s cup of tea… some of his stuff is definitely on the edge.

But I was thrilled to watch this guy at work.

Earlier in the day I’d heard a talk that was outstanding. Somehow this final presentation of the day topped it.

Who is this creative genius?

His name is Shed Simove.

You can view his TED talk here.

You can find out more about him at his website

When you go take a look, don’t just watch or read. See what you can learn from Shed and use in YOUR business.

(Oh, and by the way, there are quite a few lessons in marketing you can pick up from his stuff, too).

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