Facts of (business) life

One of the ways I add value for clients is to use what’s going on in the world to help me write copy that connects with an audience.

I’ve mentioned the importance of reading books.

Magazines can also be a valuable source of information and inspiration.

Just flicking through one magazine this month (yes, I did flick through it an a well-known High Street store alongside the three other people reading in the aisle… but I did buy a copy afterwards as a result so no guilt there)…

I discovered some amazing facts.

The chocolate business in Japan is worth 3.3 billion euros a year.

The world’s second largest salmon producer is Chile (behind top dogs Norway).

And, even though I have an interest in mountains, I didn’t know about…

Japanese Climber Yuichiro Miura.

He has successfully summited Everest – the highest mountain in the world – not once but THREE times.

He achieved one of those aged 80.

He hasn’t given up on his adventures either.

His next planned experience? To ski down Cho Oyu (one of the world’s few 8,000m peaks, lying between Nepal and Tibet) in 2018.

When training he’ll wear 5kg weights on each leg, carry a 25kg pack on his back and walk for an hour or two. He also has a hypoxic chamber in his office so he can replicate the altitude of 6,000m.

How amazing is that?.

If you’re in marketing or copywriting and you tell me you cannot use this story to create something compelling and relevant for your audience to read then I’ll tell you to give up and find another job.

Sometimes it’s the details that make the difference.

Make a note next time you’re passing the newsagents.

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