Fascinations – So Fascinating for Bullet Copy


Fascination of summer rain

No, not fascinators.

Not fascinating (like the surprisingly common heavy rain shower pictured in the height of a Sydney summer).

Not Fascination (the song by Alphabeat or Nat King Cole) either.

We’re talking the Fascinations which make your copy more interesting… and help you avoid boring bullets.

Don’t get me wrong, a bullet list can be a great way to glide your prospects through your benefits and features like a choreographed skater on ice.

But ‘everyone’ is using them.

So how do you make yours have a little more zest, an added drama of intrigue or a bit more glittery sparkle?

Enter Fascinations.

What are they?

They are a way to use a single line to add mystery, build anticipation and draw the reader in deep to your page. So they keep reading. Feel the desire for your product or service rise inside.

It’s a bit of an ‘advanced’ copy technique (loved by conversion copywriters tasked with optimising copy for results) – and there’s a shortcut to share with you here.

First, write a sentence about an important feature of your product or service. Or a fact about it. Use the approach ‘blank is blank’.

For example: “The aerodynamic Senz umbrella frame is tested in wind tunnels to ensure it can withstand storm gusts of up to 100km per hour”.

Second step: Delete the feature name and the word “is”.

Now you have your fascination:
“Tested in wind tunnels to ensure it can withstand storm gusts of up to 100km per hour.”

Add more fascinations and you have a bullet list with a bit more bite to it. You can even just run the sentences as separate paragraphs WITHOUT the bullets. It can work equally well.

Have a go with your product or service. See what difference it makes.

(This exercise may just help you get greater clarity… and create some copy you can you use on your website, in your emails, on your landing and sales pages).

Get fascinated with the power of fascinations.

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