Shorts are great for winter (and spring, autumn and summer)

Shorts weather?…

Shorts weather

In the summer, more often than not. But in Spring, Autumn and now in winter?

Well, yes, if we’re talking about shorts as in SHORT words.

They can do wonders for your copy.

Make your message clearer and sharper. Get your message understood more easily by anyone who reads it. Make your message more interesting and ‘stickily’ gripping for your audience.

  • Use short words.
  • Use short sentences
  • Use short paragraphs
  • Short words help people (even CEO’s) to read and understand your message.
  • Short sentences help to create pace, deliver tone and guide the reader through the copy.
  • Short paragraphs help to visually ‘break up’ the text (especially long form copy) and make it easier on the eye.
  • Time to bring out that thesaurus, search for simpler synonyms and practise keeping it brief.
  • Short intros make it more comfortable for people to start reading and move to the next line.
  • Short headlines can have greater impact than long ones (you can always place a sub-heading underneath to say more).
  • Short emails are all you need at times – especially if sharing a video or linking to a sales page.
  • Short words and sentences can help prevent waffle.
  • Short words and phrases can help you define your core values, core messages and core branding.
  • Short words are great for planning, mind mapping a presentation or preparing a speech.
  • Keep things simple. In short…
  • Keep it short.

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