Change happens

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Change happens.

There’s nothing you can do to stop it.

There is something you can do to deal with it – be aware of it, adapt to it and get ahead of it.

As sure as the sea will continue to pound these rocks on the Sydney shoreline, change will hit your life and work.

Change happens.

If you are an entrepreneur or already running an established and successful business, you may think all you have to do is keep doing more of the same.

Not quite.

That might be true if the world stood still. But…

Change happens.

Just look around you.

Smoking used to be a social convention enjoyed by the majority. If you smoke today you’ll notice how many disapproving eyes are staring at you with your cigarette.

Society and its attitudes changed.

Sport used to be considered a test of the best against the best. Now it’s seen as a charade. Just a question of who’s a cheat and who’s not. Too many liars and cheats playing the game. Too many liars and cheats running the show.

Sports fans’ levels of trust in their former heroes has changed.

Marketing used to be a case of just follow what business school tells you.

Not any more.

Print has changed.

Social media has created change (not always for the better).

Online has changed.

Media has changed.

People have changed.

Business has changed.

Change happens.

Trouble is, when it comes to marketing…

… Not many people are noticing the change.

The obsession with social media clouds judgement.

The failure to know which principles still apply and which should be ditched is costing entrepreneurs and businesses rising millions. Revenues and profits eroded like softened rocks by the sea.

The turning to so-called gurus who promise the earth with “systems” and “formulas” is washing people’s hard-earned cash down the drain.

Change happens.

Too important to ignore.

Too important to leave to a “one size fits all” approach when your business is unique.

Too important to use out-of-date marketing strategies and tactics which fail.

I’m seeing the same mistakes in Australia as I’ve witnessed in the UK, continental Europe and the United States.

Astonishing to see how some people and some organisations treat their marketing. If marketing were a small child you would, with these businesses, have to call in the equivalent of Social Services. The marketing “baby” would have to be put into the care of others for its health and wellbeing.

If you’re unsure where to start, what’s wrong or which principles your marketing should be following, maybe it’s time to let an expert on the outside take a look.

You might want a review of your marketing strategy.

You may fancy that your website could do with expert analysis to improve the results it brings to your business.

Or, you could see the benefit in having your marketing copy being put under the microscope to examine its weak points and make changes to give it more power.

It’s easy to arrange. Just get in touch.

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