Write Men (and Women) Don’t Jump

Imagine the scene.

A man and a woman are on a first date. They’ve agreed to meet in a bar.

They get a drink, find a seat in a quiet alcove and start chatting. They talk about their jobs, their school years, their university days, their families. They’re enjoying each other’s company. It’s looking promising.

At the end of the evening the woman turns to the guy and says: “Thank you, I’ve had a lovely time.”

The guy smiles and replies: “Me too. So, when do you think we should get married?”


Hold up there, fella.

What did you say THAT for?

Seriously, if you wanted the second date did you think that line was going to clinch the deal for you?


You were all nice and then you went a little weird. You became scary!

Chances are…

You’ll NEVER see that beautiful, lovely woman again.

You jumped in too quickly.

You didn’t give the lady enough time to get to know you well enough to even start thinking about serious stuff like “a relationship”, like marriage, like children.

And what the guy in the story did back then is not so different from…

… the way some entrepreneurs and business owners communicate with their leads and prospects.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to get a girl to marry you on the first date.

It’s just SO UNLIKELY.

And it’s the same in business.

Yeah, you could capture somebody’s name and email address and then attempt to sell them your £2,500 webinar training series, your £5,000 coaching programme or £20,000 Mastermind Inner Circle.

But how likely are they to buy?

Just like that. At the click of a finger. Presto. Bingo. Boom!

In all probability, NOT SO LIKELY.

Especially if they’re “new” to your list and have come to you without any recommendation or referral from a friend, colleague or family member they trust.

That’s why smart marketers use campaigns.

They set a clear strategy.

They have a goal (or a series of goals).

They build a logical sequence of steps to guide people through towards the goal(s).

They balance the sharing of valuable information with a suitable offer at the right time.

You should consider doing the same.

And if you’ve got a sales and marketing tool which can help make that easier and quicker to set up then all the better.

Remember, this is not a romantic relationship with a (potential) girlfriend or boyfriend.

But you are trying to woo the person who is visiting your website, landing on your landing page, reading your emails and skipping through your sales page.

Think about your relationship with your audience.

And don’t pop the question too soon!

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