Would you dare?

Let me ask you something.

Would you dare to walk into Tiffany & Co, Boodles or a Cartier boutique, pick out a diamond ring and then ask the assistant “I can’t afford this at £11,600, could I have it at 50 per cent off?”

Would you dare to enter a Ferrari showroom and enquire… “I know the car is worth £80,000 but could I just pay you £25,000 for it?”

Would you dare to arrange a viewing for an immaculate £1.7 million mansion in the heart of Cheshire and throw in a cheeky offer of £225,000?

You might, of course – but you might also look a little foolish.

The jeweller’s assistant, the luxury car dealer and the up-market estate agent would be very polite about it.

And the answer in all three cases would still be “No”.

The truth is…

You pay for quality.

It’s the same with copywriting.

Yes, of course you could go to one of those outsourcing sites where people (in another part of the world) will write a word for 2 cents or a few pence, or provide a page for a few dollars.

To be fair, the copy could be quite good.

So, if you only want your results to be “quite good”, be my guest, search the web for that.

But if you’re looking for copy that gets better results…

Copy which understands your target audience

Copy which understands your brand and your business

Copy which knows how to “sell” you products and services

Copy which speaks with your voice

Copy which grabs people’s attention

Copy which influences their decision-making

Copy which persuades them to act and, ultimately, to buy

You should be prepared to pay a bit more.

Sometimes a lot more.

And you’ll be pleased you did.

When you see the results and the return on your investment.

It’s not how much you spend.

It’s how much you make, right?

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