Get the line-up right

When you are running a marketing campaign you will probably have different elements to put together…

A landing page

A series of emails

A landing page or sales page

Upsells and or downsells

Follow-up messages

An advert, eg on Facebook, LinkedIn or print

And so on…

To increase your chances of a successful campaign you should aim to get the line-up right.

Let me explain another way.

If you were driving a car and the wheels were out of alignment, you’d have a pretty bumpy ride (it’s why we get our wheels balanced and aligned at the garage).

If you were practising archery and the bow sight was slightly out of position you might still hit the target – but not the bullseye you were hoping for.

If you were navigating across a hill or moor and your compass reading was out by a few degrees, you would soon find yourself somewhere other than where you wanted to go (on a snowy or misty mountain like Ben Nevis in Scotland such misjudgement can be fatal).

The key word here is alignment.

If you want your marketing campaign to ride smoothly, to hit the mark or to be on the right track…

All your elements should be in alignment.

Your Facebook Ad should take people through to a page which matches the curious reader’s expectations – are you using similar words, the same colour scheme, the same image?

Is your landing page complete with compelling copy that’s persuasive enough to get people to take action?

Does your follow-up email sequence start where the landing page left off… and continue with a logical set of associated messages that carefully guide the audience towards a certain goal?

When people click on a link in your email, do they come to a sales page which presents them with what they were expecting? Is the offer compelling and in tune with all that went before?

If things are out of alignment it creates confusion, doubt and uncertainty in the prospect’s mind.

When you get things in line the flow is natural and people feel gently, genuinely and ethically guided towards a conclusion.

They still may not take the action you want but they will remember how you’ve treated them.

Next time you ‘speak’ to them that could make all the difference between indifference or a sale.

If you’re running a campaign or about to run a campaign, do yourself a favour.

Take another look at every element.

Is there a change, a tweak or an addition that could improve it by 1, 2, 5 or even 10 per cent?

It could make all the difference.


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