Where do yours hang out?

Where would you look?…

Horse in field

Let me ask you this.

If someone asked you to find some sheep or cows to photograph them, where would you look?

I realise it’s a strange request but bear with me. Where would you go?

I’m betting it would not be in the town or city. Because the answer is fairly obvious. The most likely place to find a sheep or a cow is in a field. Near a farm. Somewhere in the countryside.

The same goes for horses. (Here is one I pictured earlier).

You know where you are most likely to find them. In a field. At or near a riding school. In the countryside.

Which may have you wondering another thing.

What’s this got to do with marketing or copywriting for your business?

Here’s the connection.

It helps to know your audience. Your ideal client. Your ideal customer.

It’s part of the research any business should have in front of them, including ones in the outdoors industry.

This is important whether you organise walking holidays, mountain expeditions, climbing adventures, First Aid or navigation training, or accommodation or transport services for the hiker or traveller. It matters if you are selling outdoors clothing, gear, kit, equipment or accessories. It counts if you run retreats or take landscape photographs for a living.

Do you have a picture of the person or people most likely to buy from you in your mind?

Do you give thought to what they are thinking?

Do you you know what stage of awareness (in the buying process) they are at?

And, of course…

Do you know where they hang out?

I’m not talking about pubs and clubs here (although they may be part of the answer). I’m talking about where they can be found, online and offline.

What Social Media platforms are they using? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest? LinkedIn? Others?

What books do they read? What magazines do they read? What festivals or events do they attend?

What clubs, organisations or memberships do they belong to?

When you have the answers it helps you to shape your marketing strategy and tactics.

Then there’s the matter of getting the right message out to your audience at the right time(s).

If you want help with any of this, you know where to find me.

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