So What?

So what?

That’s the question.

That’s the question you should use to turn your copy from good to great.

Here’s why.

People are busy. The modern world provides them with LOTS more distractions than in the past.

Yes, you have to grab their attention with your headline.

You also have to keep them reading.

Reading until they take the action you want them to (your Call To Action, or CTA).

Let It Rest (Like You Would With Your Sunday Roast)

So when you’ve written your first draft (you do write a draft, don’t you?) you should let it rest…

(ideally for 24 hours or more but at least a couple of hours)…

And when you return to it, read it through from top to bottom OUT LOUD.

At the end of each paragraph or sentence – Stop.

Ask yourself – does this sentence add something of value to what I want to say?

Then ask yourself “So what?”

At the end of each sentence…

Put yourself in the mind of your intended reader and…

Ask yourself …

If I were reading that sentence, would I say “So what?”

If the answer is NO, the likelihood is the reader is interested enough to read down to your next line.

If the answer is YES, chances are your sentence is adding nothing (or not enough) to make the reader want to continue.

When that happens when your copy is published and your marketing is “out there” and “live”… it can lead to people leaving your page, ditching your email message before they’ve got anywhere near “click here”, and throwing your direct sales letter into the bin.

And you don’t want that to happen.

Use the “So What?” formula to pre-test your copy.

If I’ve done a decent job on this page you’ll be reading this line right now.

How did I do?

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