Presenting the Right Image

As a professional copywriter people mainly come to me for help with words – writing, editing, proofing, critiquing and tweaking, providing templates, and so on.

Yet when I talk to a client about words I invariably also talk to them about pictures and images (and, of course, their “vision”)…

Because it’s not just what you write but how you present it that can make all the difference.

When writing content marketing or a nurturing email series, I’m looking to tell a story and paint a picture.  This helps my client to build rapport with their prospects and customers, gain their readers’ trust, and establish their credentials as THE person or company to provide the best solution.

That’s what marketing is all about.

In a direct sales letter or online landing page for a client, I might choose to include a photograph of them so that the reader can see who’s “speaking” to them.  If there is a background story there may be some photos to illustrate key points.  Or images could be used to suggest what using my client’s services or products could mean for the buyer… a new look, a new lifestyle, a new car, a first holiday in several or many years, freedom, independence, the end to money worries, and so on.

Images can be extremely powerful at conveying, supporting and enhancing your message.

You would certainly want them in brochures and leaflets, and could also add them to e-books, squeeze pages, landing pages and pdf format documents, like lead magnet reports.

And images do not have to be still.  You can add video to your website, YouTube or your membership site.

You can also use (moving or still) images for your webinar presentations, and to add some colour to your Facebook and LinkedIn pages.  Not to mention as part of your branding on email banners and your other regular communications.

So every time you think of marketing with your words, remember to also think picture.

And if you see any great examples of this out there I’d love to hear about them.

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