Case Study: Dave Williams Photography, Chester

From time to time, I’ll be sharing with you some examples of smart, clever or even really simple (but highly effective) marketing.  You may want to see how you can implement the same tools or techniques in your own business, or just find inspiration in the ideas.

As we were talking about images last time around, let’s today talk photography.

When I was developing my freelance copywriting business I discovered that, more often than not, prospects would ask if I had a website.  Initially I didn’t so I took action to get one built.  It’s the one you see here alongside my blog!  So…

I knew I wanted some photographs for the website and I also needed a “head and shoulders” shot for my profile pages on social media sites like LinkedIn.

When I began researching photographers in and around Chester on the Internet, it soon became clear that most of their websites were “selling” wedding photography (and I didn’t have a need for that – my wife and I married in 2007 and I believe we’re still together).  But one website did catch the eye.

It was Dave Williams Photography in Chester.

Now, on Dave’s website the home page had something about they did head shots for things like CV’s, profile pages (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook) and websites.

They also offered THREE location options – in their Lower Bridge Street studio, at your office or other business premises, or in the centre of Chester, around the historic heart of the city or alongside the banks of the River Dee.

The marketing lesson here is: if you’ve got a product or service to sell, you need to let people know.

The other photography studios might well have offered a similar head shot service but it wasn’t obvious on first glance at their website.  So, they missed out.  And Dave didn’t.  He secured a little bit of business (and because he did such a good job I’m happy to recommend his studio to others, which could lead to extra business and new clients for him).  It also helps that Dave and his team are lovely people, too, of course.

So, how could you use this simple lesson in your business?

Are there some products and services you’re keeping a secret?  Are there some fresh offers you could introduce?  Is there a chance to introduce an up-sell to an existing product or service?

And if you’ve got an idea now, make sure you market it.  Remember to let people know.

If you put this idea into action and get great results I’d love to hear from you.

Here’s to your marketing and business success.

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