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Premium copywriter

Okay, so it might not be the end of the world.

But it comes to something when marketers stoop so low with their shenanigans.

The latest example is a classic example of someone trying to flog a cheap product and dress it up as something that will do the same as a luxury product.

Oh, didn’t you know?

You can not only have an entire sales funnel and marketing system built for you. They’ll also give you a bit of software that writes all the words for you. A template. All done for you in just 10 minutes.

Far cheaper than paying for a premium copywriter, right?

Wow, why aren’t you going out right now and buying this product?

I’m sure hundreds if not thousands of ill-educated solopreneurs and faux entrepreneurs will do just that.

People who have a failing or struggling business.

People just starting out with no clue about marketing and no money to spend.

People who are lazy.

People who do not fully understand business.

People who are not street smart about internet marketing and how it operates.

People who just follow the crowd like sheep.

People who (in 97 per cent of cases) will get the results their “cheap” investment merits.

People unable to read critically.

People who are impetuous, swept away on a tide of emotion.

People who are suckers.

People who, even when the job is part done for them, won’t make a penny from it.

Because this is what these folk are being “sold”.

It’s like going to a second-hand car dealer who shows you a beat-up Chevy and tells you it runs and rides like a Bentley Sport.

It’s like someone showing you some gems from a run-of-the-mill high street jewellers and claiming they’re just like the Queen wears.

It’s like being taken through a show apartment on the coast where you can see sewage pouring out into the ocean and the estate agent (or realtor) tells you the place comes with a “sea view”.

No need to use a premium copywriter.

Just a robot.

A template.

Ten minutes and all your copywriting is done for you.

Think about that for a moment.

Should the alarm bells not be ringing as soon as you hear this?

A template means a formula. The exact same formula you and EVERYONE else who buys that product  will have and use.

What do you think the outcome will be?

A whole ton of marketing that just comes out looking the same. That’s what.

And how is that supposed to help YOU differentiate yourself from the crowd?

What you’re being sold here is the lazy road. Some may profit from it. For the other 90 per cent it will just add up to another waste of “cheap” spending because they’re too idle or serious about their business to genuinely invest in it.

Do this and you’ll make a fortune (without having to spend one), is the “promise”.

Please let me know if you do.

Because the picture you should be seeing is this one.

Imagine that your product is shampoo, for example. A sticker is placed on the back of your bottle. Then it is placed at random along a long, long, long line of shelving…. together with 499 other shampoo bottles. Bottles which look IDENTICAL to your one.

So, there are now 500 identical-looking bottles lined up next to each other one on one shelf. All at the same level. No distinguishing features on the front (just your sticker on the back of yours – which cannot be seen).

A customer is asked to go along the row of shelving and select just ONE bottle.

You see where I’m going with this?

The chances of you hitting the big time using automated templates are the same as that customer picking your shampoo bottle at random from the shelf.

And I’m probably being generous. Maybe it would be more accurate with 5,000 bottles on the shelf. Or 20,000. Maybe 50,000.

Your choice, of course.

What made me laugh was the way this offer was being presented.

Essentially it was saying good copywriting is “expensive”.

That’s a technique called framing.

(And ironically this approach is framing good-quality premium copywriters for a crime they have not and will never commit).

The truth is, using a decent premium copywriter will NEVER be a cost.

It won’t be expensive.

It won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

It won’t ruin your business.

What premium copywriting will do is create the words which work. Get results. Generate leads. Convert interest into sales. Increase revenue. Pump up your profits.

It’s a simple value exchange.

Now, this concept is simple. You either get it or you don’t.

If you made £50,000 from a marketing campaign written by a premium copywriter, let me ask you…

How much would that be worth to you? How much would you be happy to pay for that result?

Two thousand? Three? Five thousand? More?

Imagine if you made ONE MILLION from the campaign. Would you be happen enough if from that level of sales you gave the premium copywriter, let’s say, £100,000?

I think you would.

That’s a value exchange.

You make lots of money. The premium copywriter is paid a fair share for making it happen for you.

So is that expensive?


Anyone telling you otherwise is being economical with the truth. In other words, lying.

Sure, £25,000 is a lot of money.

But £250,000 is a heck of a lot more. TEN times as much.

If you got the latter for the former you’d be laughing (all the way to your bank). I think the smile on your bank manager’s face would also be pretty wide.

Cheap can work, of course.

By all means give it a shot.

When it fails or fails to deliver what you’d hoped for, you can always turn to the alternative.


Sometimes in life you get what you pay for.

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