Who Doesn’t Love a Cute Panda Picture?

Panda lovers, this is for you…

… Sorry, this is probably NOT the picture of a panda you were expecting. There are reasons for showing it, of course.

Reason #1
If you use the RIGHT kind of panda picture or video, you are going to get attention. Just take a look at what’s happening on YouTube.

A video of cute little panda bears going down a slide can truly said to be a global phenomenon. The video has (at time of writing) had 18,009,037 views. Just to be clear. That is 18 MILLION views.

It doesn’t stop with black and white furry pandas.

A Top 10 compilation of ‘Funny Baby’ videos has been watched 23.4 million times. A Top 10 hits of cute dogs has attracted 4.5 million views. One of a skateboarding dog alone picked up 3.4 million views.

And they say never work with children or animals.

What can YOU do to grab some attention for your business or organisation?

How can you use VIDEO to better connect, engage and converse with your audience?

But, of course, getting attention is only ONE part of the sales equation. You need to transform that interest into something more.

How are you going to do that?

Reason #2
Let’s return to MY picture of a panda.

This is a special panda. A famous panda. This patrol car was used in the British TV series Heartbeat, a police crime drama set in the 1960’s North Riding of Yorkshire.

The programme, which ran for almost two decades through the 90’s and ‘Noughties’, regularly attracted 10 million viewers.

I remember one day watching a scene in the show being filmed on the North York Moors as I joined a friend on part of the Coast to Coast walk. We had a brief chat with one of the crew before heading for our own finale at Robin Hood’s Bay.

This panda car you see is permanently featured in the village of Goathland, which became the village of Aidenfield for the hit TV show. It’s one of the tourist attractions linked with the programme here. Tourists also turn up to see the shops and pub used in filming.

The popularity of the show has ensured Goathland attracts a large number of visitors each year, especially in the summer months. There is a very clear ‘Heartbeat’ factor at work here.

So, location is important and can become a marketing asset.

How can you use your location or area to attract more interest?

How can you get yourself on the screen, large or small?

How can you associate yourself with somewhere or someone famous or well-known?

By the way, Goathland is not only popular as a destination because of Heartbeat. It also benefits from a slice of the Harry Potter movie pie. The village station was used as Hogsmeade Station in the films – and some of the railway scenes were shot on the North Yorkshire Railway line.

That railway is run by a charitable trust and largely by volunteers. Its steam locomotives carry more than 250,000 passengers a year… about the same number as visit Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) in Australia.

It’s amazing what a bit of TV or movie exposure can do for a place.

Reason #3
I took the photo of the police panda car during a 9-mile walk with a walking group up here.

The walk took us across snow-capped fields, through muddy trails and alongside a waterfall. A beautiful stroll, especially when the sun finally emerged from the Gandalf-grey clouds.

Despite snow on the ground ‘everywhere’, the main roads were clear. The only evidence of snowfall the clusters of white lining the edge of the carriageway where the snowplough had carved its way through.

And, in a way, that was a pity.

Because I had recently fitted winter tyres to my car for the first time. And it would have been a great opportunity to put them to the ultimate test. As it was, the tyres made easy work of the damp and chill roads home (even when the temperature dipped briefly to -4.5C).

However, this is the point I wanted to make.

I was having a conversation about the weather (the snow) with a fellow walker and he wondered if that affected my business much.

And the answer was no. I work from an office at home. There are times when I might visit a client but these days technology makes communication across the world a piece of cake.

I have worked with clients in the UK, France, Scandinavia, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UAE. And most of those I have NEVER met. We have connected online and spoken via computer or phone.

As a strategic copywriter and consultant, I can help anyone in the world, anywhere, any time. (It’s easy to forget that there is not just a market in your home country. There is a global market out there, too).

As it happens I could grab some attention with a cute and REAL panda picture (which I took at Edinburgh Zoo). Maybe just need to get hold of a slide, too.

As an observation, if you look carefully enough, you will see the relevance of sights, sounds and experiences for your marketing.

The cute panda, dogs and babies tap into our most basic of human emotions. Emotions play a key role in copy and marketing.

Goathland has positioned itself at the centre (I nearly said heart) of Heartbeat country – and traded off the Harry Potter connection.

The only boundaries you place on your business (and your reach) are the ones you impose on yourself.

Video is a powerful medium for marketing (and will continue to rise in importance for years to come, I fancy).

Marketing is storytelling. You’ve just been reading one of my tales here (did you notice the subheading at the start read ‘A Winter’s Tale’?).

And when it all comes together… you live happily ever after.

(Well, almost).

Keep warm and keep your eyes open for inspiration.


P.S.  Marketing is also reminding people about what you have to offer. Here’s my little list for you. In no particular order, I…

. Write BLOGS (to engage audiences and improve organic SEO for your website)

. Write ARTICLES (to add to your credibility as ‘the expert’)

. Write WEBSITE pages (with an approach that’s different to 97 per cent of what’s out there)

. Review website copy (to present clearer, stronger marketing messages geared to results)

. Create E-BOOKS (guides, white papers, reports, information sheets, checklists, surveys)

. CRITIQUE copy (to improve the content, tone, pace, structure, voice and more)

. EDIT and REVISE copy (sometimes a ‘tipo’ just won’t do!)

. Write COPY for sales funnels, campaigns and projects

. Write COPY for brochures, leaflets, Ads and video scripts

. Write COPY for sales letters (old school with a modern twist)

. Write EMAILS (for content and for sales)

. Offer CONSULTANCY sessions on copywriting (for marketing, positioning, messaging, persuasion and influence)

. Offer TRAINING in copywriting

. Offer a RETAINER service for individuals or organisations who want regular copywriting, consultancy or coaching support around marketing and copy.

. Am open to COLLABORATIVE projects and JOINT VENTURES

. Can work with ANY field or sector and am particularly keen to work with businesses, organisations and individuals involved in or associated with…
– Outdoor Adventure
– Travel
– Mountaineering & Hiking
– Outdoors Clothing, Equipment and Services
– Animal welfare and conservation
– The Environment
– Charity
– Smart Thinking
– Creativity, Ideas and Innovation
– Disabilities (especially learning disabilities)
– Photography
– (High quality) stationery
– Gadgets & Technology
– Cafes & Coffee Houses
– Niche and specialist products
– Hotels and Guest Houses

Want some help? Lets’s talk. Get in touch here to start the conversation.

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