Chalk It Down To Experience

Chalk board marketing…

Chalk board notice on pub

… is a good way of telling people what’s on offer.

Here is an example in a market town in the north of England.

It’s not perfect yet it does have some good points. For starters, it says what is on offer (accommodation). And it also reveals the capacity (7 rooms), a benefit (en-suite) and the price (£38.50). Wrapped up with a contact number to call.

And why would a pub bother with this kind of notice on its outside walls?

Firstly, it is not the only pub in town so having something extra to offer is handy. And accommodation in Malton, North Yorkshire, is in limited supply. So this pub is not only offering something which visitors or overnight travellers are looking for. It knows if people stay as guests there is a greater chance of them using the bar or ordering meals there.

More revenue. More profits. More opportunity for Word of Mouth recommendation.

I would have worded the board differently. Perhaps something like “Quality En-Suite Rooms Available from £38. Ask inside or call…” (I have no idea why the pricing is marked £38.50 – make it 38 or 39 pounds and simplify it for the passing eyes of pedestrians and motorists.

You can play with the wording.

“Rooms from £38”

“En-suite rooms available”

“En-suite rooms from £38”

“Special Room Deal today”

“Accommodation & Meal Deal for Two”

And then add the call to action and method(s) of contact.

I noticed there was another chalkboard on the same wall. Here’s a picture of it…

This sign is less strong. It may be that Malton has a lack of places to eat or drink which have WiFi internet access. If so, the benefit has greater value. But if “everywhere” in town has it, it’s not much of a selling point.

Either way, the wording (or copy) could be much more educational and persuasive.

Why not say something like: “FREE WiFi here” or “Yes, we have WiFi (No login required)”. Or “Free WiFi (no sign up needed)”

That may be something which is different. People want things easy. If there is a choice between a place where they have to register your details before browsing, and one where there is just direct access, you know which option they are most likely to choose.

A better use of the second board might be to promote the drinks or food available inside.

“Try one of 5 REAL ales on tap”

“Today’s guest beer: Dalton’s Dale”

“Local ales from £2.50 a pint”

“3-course dinners. Starter or Dessert is FREE!”

“Lunch + Pint Meal Deal Inside”

The fresher you can make the offer, the better. Give people a reason to choose your pub rather than another.

You may be in a different business. So swap the word “pub” for your place or service. How could you use a chalk board to promote a product, service or time-limited offer?

And if someone enquires about your offer – remember to ask them how they heard about it. It helps to know what marketing is doing the job well for you (and what promotional activity is not helping you).

What would your chalk board say today?

Choose your words with care.

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