Osbornes – Making Marketing a Piece of Cake


… A cafe which knows the first rule of marketing.

Grab attention.

The only reason you are seeing this picture…

Coffee and cake

… is because I was lured into Osbornes by the window display.

It stopped me in my tracks as I was walking by.

A simple display. A table. Seven cakes.

A portrait to make the mouth water. Different textures, different colours, different flavours.

I had to try one.

Attention grabbed. Attention held. Step 1 complete.

Now the product had to deliver.

Which it did.

The coffee was a good flavour.

The coffee crunch cake was delicious. Moist, not too firm and with a buttery icing on top. It went down very easily with the caffeine.

A woman, who appeared to be the owner, came over to my table.

“How’s the cake?”, she asked.

“Really good. Very tasty”, I replied. “Who makes the cakes?”, I added.

“I made the one you’re eating. So I’m glad you like it”, came the reply.

See how easy it is to create a good impression in business and marketing.

Create a window display which wows.

Offer friendly and efficient service from the counter.

Build a connection through conversation with the customer.

Ask for feedback.

Simple things done well can make all the difference.

Osbornes is not a cafe which has been around for years. At the time of writing it’s less than a year since it opened in this city location.

I have a feeling it will be around for a few more years to come.

How can you do some simple things for your business?

Should be a piece of cake.

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