Myths And Misunderstandings: Part 1

You know, it’s funny what people sometimes say.

Their words are expressed as if they were fact.

Yet they’re really just a viewpoint, a perspective or an opinion.

Nothing more, nothing less.

It’s the way myths and misunderstandings are made.

Here are some of the things I’ve heard business owners, marketers and other people say during the course of the year.

Take a look at the list and see how many you agree with (or have found yourself saying at one stage).

Then see my comments at the end.

Here’s that list (in no particular order so ignore the numbering):

1. “It’s really tough to sell this kind of seminar at the moment”

2. “There’s no point me spending money on sending out a direct mail sales letter – everyone’s using the Internet”

3. “I can’t test things – I’ve only got a small mailing list”

4. “I’ve just spent £4,000 on a website. There’s no point me spending another £3,000 for some copywriting”

5. “The landing page isn’t working. It needs changing”

6. “Short copy is better than long copy – people don’t want to read lots of words these days”

7. “My free report needs to be word-perfect (because my peers will be watching and I don’t want them to read something poor quality)”

There are TWO things which all the above statements share.

Firstly, they are only opinions. (But opinions which will have an impact on the success of the people who said them).


Secondly, the statements made are ALL untrue.

The statements are genuine, all right. It’s what the people said that was incorrect.

And they would have known they were wrong had they bothered to do (or find out about) the ONE thing that helps to settle arguments.

That one thing is Testing.

So, next time you hear yourself saying one of these phrases (or something similar) make sure you don’t fall into the trap of…

Myths and Misunderstandings.

Test it. And see for yourself.

P.S. To find out WHY the 7 statements are NOT true, visit Part 2 of this blog next

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