More than words…

As I walked through Chester’s main shopping streets the other day, I noticed quite a few boarded-up shops.

More than you’d like to see.

One of the sad sights was an empty shop front which used to house a health food shop.

A business which had plenty of potential for success – now closed. Shut down. Finito.

It’s possible the people behind this venture committed one of the BIG mistakes a company can make around marketing.

They may have thought it was like the film Field of Dreams and they just had to “build it and they would come”.

But not enough customers came along.

Without paying customers a business will soon fold.

A business needs to do marketing.

A business should do the right kind of marketing.

A business that doesn’t understand the two previous sentences should call in an expert.

You could consider a marketing agency. You could consider a PR or marketing company.

Or you might want to look at an option that may not seem obvious at first.

A strategic copywriter.

A copywriter who also understands marketing strategy and tactics.

Someone who, through experience, may actually know more than you about what’s best for your business.

As a Copy Architect, I am both copywriter and consultant.

I can advise on and devise strategy.

I can guide people with their marketing – leaving them to focus on what they do best – their service or their products.

I can come up with ideas and suggestions to make savings AND boost the bottom line profits.

It’s an  “architect” role because it’s about designing campaigns, plans and copy that is based on firm foundations. It’s about creating something that delivers a visual “Wow” yet is also highly practical in yielding results. It’s about building something that works within the budget and delivers a strong return on investment.

Some copywriters can offer more than just words.

You might think you just need a sales page or a series of emails, or a Facebook ad… and someone to write the words for that.

But it’s much more likely…

That your approach to marketing contains a flaw.

Because what worked 10, five or even two years’ ago may not work today or next month.

That flaw might be small enough that you get away with it (for this year at least).

But it may also be large enough to blow a big hole in your revenue and profits.

If you’re not sure, it can’t harm to get a second opinion.

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