How an Aquarium swam against the Tide… and Won

True story…

Georgia Aquarium in the USA opened in 2005 – the biggest of its kind in the world.

Year 1 saw 3.5 million visitors and the attraction barely had to break sweat with its marketing. People just loved it.

Within a few years all that had changed.

Visitor numbers levelled out at around two million a year in 2008. Fewer visitors, less money coming in.

Now they DEFINITELY needed some marketing.

Increase the Social Media presence, right?


They took a different approach.

LESS Social Media.

More (targeted) TV ads.

Some other stuff (not online) too.


Attendance at the Aquarium – up 10 per cent

Number of new pass holders – up 12 per cent

Pass Renewals – Up 10 per cent

Revenue – up 12 per cent.


Number 1: Don’t assume people will always come back to your business

Number 2: Remember to check your numbers, analyse them and act on them

Number 3: Don’t just go with the marketing flow – use the marketing that makes most sense (and if you don’t know what that is… get someone in who does)

Enjoy the swim!

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