Get Shorty

You may have heard me (and many other professional copywriters) say that when it comes to sales letters, squeeze pages and landing pages there’s a general rule of thumb…

Long copy beats short copy.

What we mean by that is this.

Using more words and more pages to get your message across to the reader is usually, on testing, more successful than using fewer and fewer.

(With the caveat, of course, that every word should serve a purpose)

But there is definitely a time when it’s wise to get shorty.

That’s when you decide what words and structure to use in your copy.

TIP 1: Keep Your Sentences Short

Use short sentences.

Do this because people can’t take lots of information in at once and remember it all.

Your sentences should be a maximum of 32 words.

Ideal number of words in a sentence – EIGHT.

Tip 2: Use Short Paragraphs

This is key.

For best results, only include ONE thought in each paragraph.

This is especially true for the FIRST paragraph in your copy.

Make the first paragraph really short if you can.

It helps people to start reading and continue reading what you have to say.

Tip 3: Use Short and Vibrant words, Not Long and Boring Ones

Your job with copywriting is not to show off.

Sorry to disappoint but there you are.

The purpose of copywriting is to help people to read your message and take the action you want them to.

So make it as easy as possible for the reader.

Take care with the words you use.

Take a look at the last piece of copy you wrote.

Are there any words in there that are long, “technical”, jargon or just a bit dull?

For example.

Instead of “purchase” you can write “buy”.

Instead of “complimentary” you say “free”.

Instead of “expectation” find “hope”.

Instead of “vehicle” use car (or lorry, or van)

The “long and dull” trap is an easy one to fall into, even for the professional copywriter.

The more times you review your copy and look for ways to improve it, the more likely you are to end up with a successful result.

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