Garage Music (To My Ears)

Do you ever have a time when you thought you made the wrong choice?

Yeah, me too.

Just today had to get an expert in to fix our electrically operated garage door. It wasn’t shutting properly and looked a bit out of shape.

I could probably have resolved things (at least for a while) had it been a standard garage.

But when we had the thing built we wanted electric.

I thought that would make it easier for getting the car out and putting it away each night… but my car’s NEVER seen the inside of the garage. It’s only used for a bit of storage and otherwise fairly empty.

Not only was electric maybe not the choice we really needed.

The expert told us we’d also not gone for the BEST option. We could have looked at a retractable door instead of a canopy with an unsightly central support arm.

Had we known all the options we might have gone for that.

The garage door? Seems the springs just needed some extra tension in them. All sorted now…

But the lessons here could also apply to your business and to services like copywriting.

Let me explain how.

Firstly, we ended up with a door that probably wasn’t the BEST choice for our type of garage. We should have done a bit more homework. The door does it’s job but it’s NOT providing the best result.

You could apply that to looking for services to help your business.

Secondly, we haven’t really paid much attention to the garage. We could have sprayed a bit of WD40 on the tracks once in a while.

Where in your business have YOU stopped paying attention?

Have you forgotten some important “maintenance” with your marketing?

Thirdly, we knew our skills limits. There was NO WAY we could have fixed that problem ourselves.

So (after researching some providers) we called in an expert.

He fixed it. In less than half an hour.

He got paid.

We got back security for our garage and home.

Job done.

So, if you’re having problems with your copy or your marketing, you could try to “fix it” yourself.

Or bring in an expert.

Your call.

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