Easy as Pie

It doesn’t take too much persuading to get me on a long walk.

It’s a scenic walk in the Dales…

… and you can buy a quality pie at lunch, they said.

Dacre View

I said count me in!

You see what the walk leader and promoter did?

They presented their offer.

They included an incentive.

They gave me more than reason to say Yes.

It’s not rocket science. It’s what every business should be doing.

Easy as pie.

The walk itself was pure pre-Spring Dales. Fields, woodland, dry stone walls, stiles, sheep, gates, panoramic views, water… and the odd dollop of mud.

When it was time for lunch in Pateley Bridge there was another simple lesson for business.

The power of word of mouth.

In the town there was ample choice for refreshment – to supplement our packed lunches.

If you wanted pie there were at least TWO options. Both meant to be good quality options.

So, which one to choose?

Some people in the group went to the place at the bottom of the street for their pie.

I followed two others up the hill to the second option.


Because one of them had been in town the day before… and they said this was the better one.

A personal recommendation from a trusted source.

Social proof.

Simple word of mouth.

And, as is so often the case…

… the recommendation was a good one.

The butchers we went to had a beautiful, mouth-watering array of pies and filling flavours on display. Pork. Apple and pork. Special pork. ‘English breakfast’. Steak pie. Pork and stilton. And more.

Offer quality.

Offer options.

Offer great value.

Business can be very simple.

Easy as pie.

How will you make things easier for people to buy from you?

Not sure how to present your offer or message? Let’s talk.

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