Creative – A Dangerous Word


Wood-carved rabbit sculptures in a country park

There are times and situations when being this is the right thing to do.

If you want to make your country park more interesting and fun, you might include a series of wood-carved sculptures. Like the rabbits in the photo, for example.

Being creative in this way makes sense.

Art and nature combined to add something extra, additional value, to a walking trail for families is a sound idea.


When it comes to marketing and copywriting…

There are┬ápeople who seem to think it’s COMPULSORY to be creative.

Maybe it’s why they spend so much time on branding, logo design, fancy websites and the like.

There is always room for creativity in marketing.

But the danger is all too clear to those who give it some thought.

Is it more important to have something which looks glossy, shiny and new than have something which gets results?

It’s the same with words. The copy.

Take a look at most websites.

Take a look at most emails.

Take a look at most sales letters.

They are almost doomed to perform less well than they should – right from the start.


Because people are trying to be creative when there is no need.

Because people are too busy talking about themselves and not the customer, prospect or client.

Because people do not check what’s there against a time-tested checklist of what works (and what does not work).

Because people do not understand a critical component for copy to resonate with the reader.

Because people are ill-informed, lack awareness or are plain lazy.

Either way, it’s why so much marketing is weak.

The clues for success are out there (and many of them free) if people choose to take the time to look for them.

Or they could be creative a different way and ask someone for help.

Might save them rabbiting on with the same old rubbish month after month.

Naturally, if they would like my help…

… I’m all ears.

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