Why 3D words improve your marketing messages

3D makes (some) movies more dazzling and interesting…

3D Mount Bromo

It can lift the middle-of-the-road into something more striking and memorable.

It’s not just spectacular in the movies.

It can work brilliantly well for your copy, too. Which is a very good reason for taking a bit more care with your marketing messages and words.

Because here’s the thing.

  • If your copy is only 2-dimensional (or, heaven forbid, 1-dimensional) you risk losing a few things…
    – Your reader’s interest
    – Your reader’s belief in you as a possible solution to their issue, pain or problem
    – Your reader’s motivation to fill out your enquiry form, opt-in for your freebie or pick up the phone to give you a call
  • Plus…
    – Your opportunity to create a warm or hot lead
    – Your opportunity to demonstrate your value and expertise
    – Your opportunity to secure a first or second sale

How do you take your copy and propel it into the 3rd Dimension? Here are FIVE ways for starters:

1. Clarity – Be clear about your message, what you want to say and what you want the reader to do. If it’s fuzzy it’s like asking someone to read the optician’s chart without their glasses – they see blur when you want them to see in sharp focus.

2. Colour – Add some colour to your copy. Instead of saying “Now Autumn is here…” you could say “You may have noticed the leaves on the trees and the ground. The yellow. The red. The golden embers as summer turns to Autumn.”

3. Pattern – Give people a mix of short and long sentences. It makes it easier to read but also adds a stronger sense of drama, tone and pace to get people reading on. Transition copy is great for achieving this (see The Wednesday Word #14 for examples).

4. Texture – Use a symbol instead of a word (eg ‘+’ for ‘and’) or cap a word for no reason. Use an unusual word to make people sit up and take note.

5. Shine – Use alliteration, rhyming or onomatopoeia to get things fit, familiar and flowing (did you see what I did there?).

When you elevate your copy from 2D to 3D it’s like opening the doors to Dr Who’s TARDIS. Let your reader step inside and see the jaw-to-the-floor expression on their face.

Need a copy-travelling “Doctor” to resolve your battle against the dreaded 2D of the Planet Dull? You know where to find my TARDIS.

Let’s take your marketing messages into a whole new world.

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