26 Little Soldiers

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz …

We are told about these little characters from an early age.

We see them. We hear them. We read them. We grow up knowing they are important.

Lined up in order as they are above they simply form what is called the alphabet.

However, when these 26 little soldiers are marched into new formations they can take over the world.

These characters can be arranged in ways that can make people cry, shed tears, snivel, sob, wail or scream.

In ways that can make you laugh, chuckle, cackle, giggle, guffaw, snigger or split your sides.

In ways that can make people love or hate. Wonder, ponder, muse, reflect or remark.

In ways that can make you think, appreciate, acknowledge, accept, understand or know.

Astonishing things can happen when masters put the 26 little soldiers in the right tactical formation.

In the hands of Shakespeare they were forged into Hamlet, Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet.

Herman Melville moulded them into Moby Dick. Jane Austen arranged them into Pride & Prejudice. Mary Shelley formed them into Frankenstein.

Jonathan Swift sorted the 26 little marks into Gulliver’s Travels. George Orwell organised them into 1984. Joseph Heller coined them as Catch-22.

Miguel De Cervantes made them into Don Quixote. Tolstoy toiled with them to announce Anna Karenina. Daniel Defoe designed them to ditch Robinson Crusoe on an island.

Mark Twain toyed with them to tell the adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Tolkien transformed them into The Lord of the Rings. J.K. Rowling roused them into the magic of Harry Potter.

Even your name is revealed in this 26-letter line-up.

They form books. They form movies. They form TV shows.

They form magazines. They form songs. They form everything around us.

In the hands of a craftsman copywriter, they can be arranged in a way to make people sit up and take notice. Hold their attention. Guide them through your message. Persuade them to click, order and buy.

Your 26 little solders can be lined up in any formation.

Website… emails… lead magnets… landing pages… squeeze pages… order forms… thank you pages…  free reports… white papers… brochures… flyers… presentations… posters… leaflets… sales letters… lift letters… envelopes… video sales letters… video courses… webinars… billboards… adverts… and more.

Even if image is involved…

All marketing is words.

Every business knows about the 26 little soldiers. But most do NOT know how to put them in the right formation.

It’s why so much marketing and advertising is failing today.

Small fortunes being poured down the plughole.

Why do businesses waste money in this way? At face value it seems hard to fathom.

If I were to have a dig at the answer it might go something like this.

Business owners know their business. They know their products. They know their services. They may even know their numbers.

But at some point every business needs to do marketing or advertising. Otherwise how else will they find new customers and clients? How else will they tell existing customers and clients there’s something new for them? How else will they stop the competition from clawing away their accounts and sales?

It’s the reason why you keep seeing adverts for shampoo, washing up liquid and washing powders or liquids. The makers want you to remember their brand when you next visit the supermarket.

It’s one thing knowing you need marketing and advertising.

It’s another to know how to make it work. How to do it right.

So people do no marketing. Marketing that does not work very well. Worse still, marketing that does not work at all.

Even marketing they do not know whether it works or not. They do not bother to test, monitor or measure the results.

There is so much information out there on the topic that it’s no wonder some people feel confused, bemused or overwhelmed.

The temptation may be to look for the easy or the cheap.

We know how that usually ends up.

Marketing requires words. A marshalling of those 26 little soldiers into a formation which can tap into the emotional and logical mind of the buyer.

On parade, these smart little characters can help you with:




Online and Offline.

Core message.

Emotional triggers.

Message to Market.








The 26 little soldiers just need to be told what to do.

A strategic copywriter with 28 year’s experience  – one like myself – knows what orders to give them.

We’re ready and waiting to work the magic for you.

When you’re ready for battle.

Just give me the word.


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