Why You Keep Seeing Washing Powder Adverts on the TV

There are some products and brands which have been with us for decades…

And, whether you watch much TV or not, you may have noticed that all of them still turn up in adverts on the telly.


It’s simple. The marketing works. It generates sales.

The washing up liquid companies know this. The nappy companies know this. The washing powder companies know it.

That’s why, all these years on, they keep investing in marketing.

It keeps their brand “out there”

It reassures existing customers that their product is still available (and maybe out in a new size, colour or version).

It lets potential customers know that this product is one they can choose on their next shopping trip or online shop.

It’s a way of keeping in touch.

Which is important in marketing because you never know when somebody is going to be ready to buy.

Some people will never be your client or customer.

Some people are ready to buy now.

Others are interested but may not want to buy for a few weeks, a few months or even a few years.

I’ve experienced this myself – both as a buyer and a seller.

My bank let me know about a new product last year. It looked a very good offer. Something that would be of value to me AND at a good value price. But I didn’t take up the offer. It wasn’t quite the right time.

I’ve since received two further invitations to take the product. I kept the letter sent in May. And in June I took up the offer. Over the coming years it will save me hundreds of pounds.

But it was only because the bank kept talking to me about the product (and demonstrated the clear benefits of having it) that I took action.

I’ve experienced similar marketing success in my own business.

One client I worked with last year came back for a second project in the spring.

That after I just sent them a little message.

And someone who connected with me a couple of years’ ago has also hired me this summer for some work on retainer. Two years’ ago it wasn’t the right time or fit. I simply kept in touch. No hard sell. Just keeping in touch. And when the client was ready they came back to me. Sure, they checked out some other people but they chose me.

So there’s a reason why you keep seeing washing powder adverts on the TV.

And there’s a reason why you should keep talking to your clients and prospects.

Because you never know when people are ready to buy.

Just remember to get the message right when you’re keeping in touch.

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