Taking on The Writing Challenge 2019

Writing Challenge 2019 began today…

Remambrance Poppies on the Leas Folkestone

… so why is someone who writes for a living taking part?

I’ll get to that in a moment. First a bit of context.

The Writing Challenge 2019 is being set by Megan Macedo, who helps people to be more their natural self in their marketing.

In some ways, she is ‘the competition’ (because this aspect of writing more naturally, more authentically and with more emphasis on story is part of what I offer).

But my take on it is this. Some people will be drawn to Megan. Some people will be drawn to me. Some people will find a connection and rapport somewhere else.

There’s plenty room in the sea for all of us.

What is this Writing Challenge?

The aim is to write for 21 days (weekdays) in a row. Pick a theme, receive a ‘prompt’ to guide you on the angle for each day… and get writing.

But not just write. Also publish each bit of writing.

I don’t mean in a book. At the very least, it’s posting the pieces in a closed online group (and there’s the option to share in emails or via other social media).

The idea is to get you writing. Get your writing ‘out there’ in some way (so it’s not just sitting in a notepad or on your laptop). Get the opportunity to receive constructive feedback.

So, back to the original question.

The Reason I am Doing It

Why am I taking part? A writer. A copywriter. Someone who gets paid to write.

I’m not doing it to learn how to write. Though part of the exercise with the Writing Challenge is to improve my writing.

Because I’m a former journalist I know how to write a news story – broadsheet or tabloid style.

Because I’m a copywriter, I know how to write words in a structured way for marketing and promotions.

Because I’ve been writing for a living most of my employable life, I know enough to be a decent communicator in print and online.

But I’m always looking to learn. To explore new aspects of writing. To ‘improve’ how I write.

I’ve never written a novel or had a book published. Maybe one day I will.

Part of the Writing Challenge is taking a theme and exploring it. So I’m using the exercise to not only ‘keep my hand in’ with writing, but to write about topics I may not have put pen to paper about before.

Coming Up With Ideas

The ideas for my Challenge theme included the following:


Inside and Outdoors.

Coast and Mountain… which I also called ‘Summits and Seaside’.




The Inner Freddie Mercury.


Mr Cheeky and Showy.

And the list went on for a bit…

I’m still deciding which theme to select and the favourite is probably ‘Summits and Seaside’.

Summits and Seaside

I spent much of my childhood living on the coast. I’ve spent many holidays and a fair chunk of my spare time trekking up hills and mountains.

This picture shows a view from The Leas in Folkestone – current base and home during my secondary school years.

What is this fascination with high points and low tides?

How has living and moving around hills, mountains and water shaped who I am and what I do?

What ‘lessons’ or new learning can be uncovered by exploring it for 21 days?

That’s why I’m taking part in the Writing Challenge 2019.

And, of course, it gives me a new community to join. A place to hang out (online) with new people, and people I already know.

I’ll also be sure to read other people’s stories and add my comments – in a constructive way, of course.

Not sure yet how much and where I will share my writing in this challenge. If you keep an eye out, you may see some on here.

And how about you?

My email list is sure to see some scribbling from me. So if you’re not already on it, join via my website.

And what will you do to improve your writing? Your copy? Your marketing messages?

It may not be through taking part in a Writing Challenge like this…

… It might be through reviewing what you already have and seeing what’s working (or not). Or looking at what others are doing and saying – and learning from that. Or thinking about how you could use story as a powerful means of adding to your ‘Why’ (and why people should buy from you).

If you’d like someone who writes for a living to help you with that, you know where to find me.

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