Signs of The Times

signs town centre

These signs say it all.

The world can be a confusing place at times.

Which way do you turn?

It’s no different in the world of business and marketing.

A lot of noise. A lot of information. A lot of advice.

What to believe?

People used to think the earth was flat. Now we know it is round (even if there are still some who don’t believe the science and still see it otherwise).

People used to think marketing was just mailings. Then radio and TV came along.

People today tend to think the way to get noticed is solely through Social Media.

It’s one way, of course. But not the only way.

Many businesses are now realising there are other means to reach their audience and achieve better results.

Let’s just say ‘Old school’ is enjoying a revival…

All the signs are there – if you look a little deeper than most do.

There are only three scenarios possible for your business right now.

Doing no marketing.

Doing marketing but it’s not working well – or at all.

Doing marketing and it’s delivering strongly for you.

If the scenario you’re in is one of the first two, let me tell you this for free.

Something needs to change.

Because those are bad signs.

Which way do you turn?

One way is to remove complexity and take it all down to the simplest level.

Ask the important questions…

… (you may find the answers today are different to when you last asked)…

What is your business?

What is your market?

Who is your audience?

What problems or challenges do they face? What do they want? What do they need?

How does your product, service or offer help them with their problem, challenge, wants or needs?

Where is your audience found?

How do you reach them?

How do make a connection and build trust with them?

What can you offer them?

What else can you offer them?

How can you leverage what you already have?

Do you know what is in your audience’s mind? What are they thinking? What are their beliefs?

Do you know how to speak to your audience?

Is your website doing what you want it to do?

Do you spend more time talking about “you” than your prospect, client or customer?

How do you demonstrate you are the best choice?


Review. Revise. Adjust.

Setting aside time to go through these questions – and more – is worth doing. It will almost certainly save you time and money in the long run.

All the signs point that way.



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