More than words

You may not realise it at first but a copywriter is about more than words.

Yes, I can write you a direct sales letter, a web page or a series of marketing emails.

Yes, I could create a high-converting squeeze page or landing page for you.

Yes, it’s possible for me to write a blog, content marketing article or video script.

(Not to mention the copy for posters, postcards, brochures and leaflets)

But there’s something more a copywriter can offer.

It doesn’t involve writing.

It’s something you probably won’t find on the website or in the marketing materials.

For me, it’s just part of the service.

Because I see copywriting as a means to achieve outcomes, get results, move people forward with their business plans (whatever stage they are at).

Here are a couple of real case studies to explain what I mean (the names are changed to protect client confidentiality)

Let’s talk about Sarah…

She came to me with years of skill, experience and expertise in her particular field of coaching but had been forced to change the way she worked due to health issues.

She wanted to come up with a concept as the basis for a book she wanted to write (allowing her to share all her “years of skill, expertise and expertise” through this medium). So I asked her to tell me about her approach to coaching and I just listened. I asked the occasional question along the way. But mostly I listened.

As Sarah spoke, one phrase leapt out at me time and time again. That phrase led me to suggest a working title for the book. From there we carried on the discussion and within an hour we had a structure for the book (which could lead to a way of also delivering the content through seminars, webinars or workshops).

I had written no copy. I had just listened, asked questions and been part of a discussion with a clear focus.

Sarah left with a clear plan. I look forward to reading her book when it’s published.

And Then There Was Patricia…

She had great ideas for a report she was going to use as a lead magnet to attract new people to her mailing list but was short of a topic. Within an hour we had discussed her ideas, her concept and her target audience… and I was able to suggest the final topic area.

I was only able to do this through listening to Patricia, getting to understand her business and her ideal clients, finding out more about the industry she serves, and then using my experience and creative thinking to come up with a suggested topic (which the client said was better than other ideas she’d been given before ¬†working with me).

So, when you’re hiring a professional copywriter, you should be getting (and expecting) more than just a writer, a wordsmith.

You should be discovering someone with whom you can collaborate, off whom you can “bounce” your ideas, and from whom you can receive creative suggestions to help you get clarity or the right message across.

Need a copywriter who listens?

Want to “bounce” some ideas around?

Stuck with writing copy?

I’m here to help.

Just contact me.

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