Money DOES Grow on Trees

There’s a well known saying that money doesn’t grow on trees.

Usually heard by a mum or dad to their child who wants something.

And if taken literally, of course, it’s a fact.

However, with a bit of imagination and different thinking, there is a way to make money from trees.

The Forestry Commission has discovered a way.

It spotted the trend towards outdoors music festivals and decided to get in on the act. It realised this could be a valuable money-spinner.

A fresh, fun and entertaining way to generate funds to keep its woodland areas safe and flourishing.

The Forestry Commission now hosts annual music concerts at seven tree-lined venues around England. Attracting acts like Paloma Faith, Blondie, Paul Weller, Simple Minds, James, Tom Odell and Robert Plant during the past couple of years or so.

It gives people a chance to see their favourite performers in a natural outdoor setting without being overwhelmed by the size of events like Glastonbury, to enjoy a picnic and a drink, and catch up with friends for an event that’s a little bit different.

Charging £45-50 a ticket and attracting thousands at each event, it’s not a bad little earner.

And whilst it does require some marketing, many of the concert goers will be there purely through word of mouth as the reputation of these events spreads.

That’s not the end of the forest promotions, either.

At each event, acts are introduced with the announcer reminding people they can come back to the forest or woodland another time and enjoy walking, cycling, high ropes courses and other activities.

All possible because of some different thinking.

I’m sure the organisers could do more with their promotions strategy but they’ve created the foundations for a successful venture.

Is there a lesson for your business and your marketing efforts here?

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