Give inspiration a chance to touch your mind


It can strike at any time.

Which is good news for those who might struggle with putting words on the page. Those who stare at a blank screen and a hour later find it remains blank.

On copywriting forums you find people asking “which copywriting books do you recommend?”

If they are newbies, that’s fair enough. They’re just getting started. They’re interested in learning the art, the techniques.

But there’s no substitute for practice. For putting some words down and letting them run. Placing them on a page or in a mailing and seeing what happens.

Based on what I see out there (or read in my inbox), many ‘marketing people’ could do with a little more inspiration.

Some of it is just lazy.

Some of it shows a lack of research.

Some of it is “Sorry to bother you…” apologetic and weak.

Some of it is dull and soulless.

Some of it simply tries too hard.

How do they get better at their marketing? Well, they could start by working harder on their copy.

How can they find inspiration?

If they are a writer or copywriter, they should know without having to ask.

But if they are short of a few ideas, here are 30 ways to add a little lemon zest to the old grey cells…

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Go for a run
  3. Walk the dog
  4. Go jogging
  5. Go the the gym
  6. Have a shower
  7. Have a long, hot bath
  8. Cook a meal from scratch (follow a recipe but no ready meals)
  9. Sit in a cafe and watch the world go by
  10. Read a book
  11. Do a crossword
  12. Do a jigsaw puzzle
  13. Watch a comedy
  14. Go out and take some photographs
  15. Take a stroll by the river
  16. Sit on the beach
  17. Lie on the beach
  18. Meditate
  19. Do yoga
  20. Practise mindfulness for 10-15 minutes
  21. Do a drawing
  22. Paint
  23. Go for a drive
  24. Visit a museum
  25. Watch a movie at the cinema
  26. See a play
  27. Go to a comedy night
  28. Go dancing
  29. Visit an art gallery
  30. Do something you have never done before

Any of the above can give you inspiration.

A good copywriter is curious by nature. Has an interest in more than one thing. Has a range of experiences behind them.

Keeps learning. Keeps studying. Keeps their eyes, ears and other senses open.

That’s the way to receive inspiration.

If you’ve spent a little too long in the office or in front of a computer screen, it’s time to get out. Grab some air. Do a little exercise. Watch how the world and people go by.

Your copy will be the richer for it.


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