How To Make Your Copy F.A.B.

When it comes to writing copy about your product, you’ll want to avoid a basic yet all-too-common mistake.

You talk about you.

You talk about your company.

You talk about what your product is.

And you think by doing this you’re doing the right thing. You’re not.

You may not want to hear this but people are not interested in any of the above.

They just want to know what your product does. What it will do for them.

So, the key to your copywriting is to convert what you’ve said about the features into words about the BENEFITS.

Tell people what your product will DO for THEM.

To help you, use a formula that’s F.A.B.

It stands for Features, Advantages and Benefits.

Features are what things are (e.g. this is a waterproof camera)

Advantages are how the listed features make your product better than something else on the market (e.g. it’s the only camera that’s GUARANTEED waterproof down to 100 metres below sea level).

Benefits are the net result for the customer (e.g. when you go snorkelling in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef you’ll be able to take amazing, high-quality photos of the beautiful fish and colourful coral like a professional – without the bulk of professional equipment and reassured by knowing your camera will work afterwards, again and again and again).

Remember, you want to look at things through the eyes of your customers.

And then write the copy that answers all their questions and exceeds their expectations.

If you need more help with that,  just ask.

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