Filling the Room

I don’t know about you, but over the years it feels like the inbox on my computer has been bombarded.

I receive quite a few emails every day.

Sometimes these involve an attempt to persuade me to attend an event – a seminar, a workshop, teleconference call or online webinar.

Over the years a few people have managed to get me “over the line” and part with my money.

You may be in the same boat.

But have you ever wondered what it’s like to be the organiser or promoter of one of these events.

Have you ever tried to fill a room for an event yourself?

If you have, you’ll know it’s not always easy. In fact, it can be a highly stressful, frustrating and dispiriting experience.

Even if you have a massive database and giant mailing list, there’s no guarantee of the outcome.

These are some words of advice, based on my own experiences and hearing from organisers who’ve realised (usually much too late) that their marketing is struggling to produce the necessary numbers:

  • Understand WHY you are holding the event – what is its purpose? What are the intended outcomes?
  • Ask yourself how does this event fit in with your business model and income-generating strategies?
  • Allow plenty of time before the event to plan and deliver your marketing messages
  • If you’re organising a multi-speaker event, make sure each speaker does their bit to promote the event
  • Get clear about your target audience and the challenges they face
  • Avoid hype and give people a STRONG reason to attend
  • Give people several more strong reasons why they should attend
  • If you experience low show-up rates, take measures to improve that next time around
  • Consider what bonuses and incentives you might want to give away
  • ALWAYS remember that the event is about YOUR CLIENTS and CUSTOMERS (not you!)
  • Engage with people in a way that is natural – make your marketing like a conversation with them
  • Keep it simple, keep things clear and easy to understand

Above all, you have to make people believe in you and believe in your event.

Don’t leave it to the Field of Dreams “hope and pray” approach.

Give people a reason to attend.

If they can see the value they will come.

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