The 12 (Copy) Tips of Christmas

The 12 Tips of Christmas is my quick-fire version of the 12 Days of Christmas…

Christmas tips

… even threw in a festive picture to match.

Christmas lights, yes. Because I’m here to enlighten you (corny but true).


No pipers piping, no swans a swimming, no geese a laying.

No Queen with this Christmas message.

Not even one partridge in a pear tree.

Just a dozen quick reminders – some Christmas tips – on how to improve your marketing messages…

  1. Be You
  2. Write as if you’re having a conversation with a friend
  3. Use short sentences and short paragraphs
  4. Always offer value to your prospects, clients and customers
  5. Use the 5 Stages of Awareness to guide your opening, middle and ending
  6. Employ the Power of One – One reader, one big idea, one offer, etc.
  7. Give people EVERY reason to buy from you
  8. Come up with many headline (or email subject line) ideas before choosing one
  9. Tap into emotional triggers and the conversations in your ideal client’s mind
  10. Test and measure (e.g. split test a headline, test pricing, test the offer)
  11. Tell a story
  12. Check before you send, publish or print (read your copy out loud)

There are many more tips I could share (enough for one for every day of the year, ad infinitum, actually) but these will keep you straight.

And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, that’s OK. Just treat it as 12 tips. This advice is so good it transcends religion and belief systems.

So what are you waiting for?

Go write some copy.

(And, yes, if you insist… I’m here if you need me to check over it and make sure it’s got a good chance of making it).

((Just make sure you read and USED the 12 Christmas tips before bugging me)).

(((… Oh, and it’s a smart move to get in with that BEFORE Christmas because I’m on a break after and in January my prices go up – Brexit or no-Brexit)))

Enjoy the mince pies, mistletoe and wine.

Are we done, now? Can I go back and put my Grinch outfit on?

Love Christmas (gee, those gritted teeth make a face, don’t they?).

Until next time, keep writing.


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